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Accessibility programming benefits everyone.

Charlotte "Chuck" Gruman specializes in sensory-friendly programming for arts and cultural organizations.





Creating accessible services for cultural venues is our passion. We work to normalize sensory integration techniques through creative approaches that make the arts more enjoyable to all.

For example...

Sensory-friendly performances

Services for patrons who are blind or low vision

Services for patrons who are deaf or hard of hearing

Volunteer training and cultural accessibility basics

Services for patrons who identify as being on the spectrum

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Charlotte "Chuck" Gruman (she/her)

Chuck Gruman is an Arts Manager and Advocate. As a person with Sensory Processing Disorder, her mission is to combine her stage and production management experience to consult and create relaxed and sensory-friendly programming for cultural events. Chuck was raised in Singapore, studied Design and Production at Interlochen Arts Academy, and holds a degree in International Arts Management with a specialization in Creative Industries from Columbia College Chicago. She has traveled both domestically and internationally for performance art management, from the Fringe Festival in Scotland to SXSW in Austin, Texas. Her work spans fabricating weighted blankets and toys to help audience members who may have issues with anxiety or sitting still, to 3D printing braille and floor plans for spaces that are hoping to update their visual access programming.

Are you ready to make your event or performance accessible to all?

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